Thursday, September 17, 2015

A medium to large size leap

Late last spring the girls were having a playdate with some friends and I was having a date with the mom.  As I pulled out the fourth different craft I had recently completed, she said what I have heard over and over again - "You should open a craft store and sell these things."

I laughed it off as I always did, but that night Jay asked if I ever considered actually selling any of my stuff.  A few weeks later, I applied for my business license and tax papers and later that summer I opened my Etsy store.

Now, over one year later people will ask me how it's going.  And it's going about as well as I think anyone could have expected.  I sell a few things a month, which sometimes is more than I can handle.  I still feel guilty for charging people for my items and definitely do find more joy in giving things away than selling them.

The 2nd degree hot glue gun burns on my fingers haven't tainted my love of crafting, but some of the late night sessions (followed by crabby grumpy days) have made me wonder if this is worth the hassle.  No matter what happens, I am proud of myself for taking a leap on a dream and happy to have the girls and Jay with me.

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