Thursday, September 17, 2015

Special Delivery

After starting my craft business I purchased a machine that allows me to cut vinyl.  I previously used my Cricket for these things but my Silhouette has proven that at times, investing in something new is worth it.

One of those "investments" was a new mailbox.  Our old mailbox was normal sized, which worked just fine for mail, but as I have started shipping more and more packages I got more and more frustrated.  The USPS is amazingly easy to use for small businesses and will even pick packages up on your front porch at no extra charge, but sometimes I don't like having the packages out in the elements. I decided on a nice, large mailbox and ordered it through Amazon Prime (another favorite of mine.)

Two days later I came home to Jay standing in the kitchen, shaking his head at my purchase.  According to him the mailbox I chose was too big.  I disagreed and went ahead with creating vinyl for the address on the sides.  And I have to say, I love how it turned out!

I asked Jay if it was bad to only have address on the side where most cars drive up.  He said, "You really don't need the address on there at all.  Just tell them to look for the biggest mailbox they've ever seen."  I tried to get the girls to stand up for me but they sided with Jay.

I think it's the perfect size.  Bonus: If Samantha gets mouthy I can literally ship her to Grandmas.

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