Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Deep Conversations

Of the two girls, Addi is far and away the more intense child.  She gets into deep thought and asks thought-provoking questions, and it's really hard to not tell her the answers to tough questions when she asks. 

Yesterday Addi asked me to come into the bathroom with her and shut the door, because she had a really important question for me.  Those times usually end up with me mortified with what she heard at day camp (why are eight year olds talking about sex??) so I braced myself for a doozy.  It was 7 a.m., so anything could come up.

She got really, really quiet, then said:

"Mommy, what kind of questions will they ask when I take my driver's test when I'm 16? Like, will there be multiple choice?"

She and I were both very relieved when I could answer with a simple, "Yes."

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