Saturday, January 18, 2014

She lets her imagination run wild

Between the two girls, today Sam has the more active imagination.  She seems to come up with things that are totally crazy, but the difference between her and Addi is that Addi's imagination usually cost me money and we accompanied by several eye rolls. 

A few days ago Sam was in the shower and I was reading on my phone. When I looked up, this is what I saw. 
I said, "Wow Sam, the Barbies needed a bath too, huh?"  She looked up and said, "Oh, they are just going for a walk in the rain."

I laughed when I saw that they did in fact look like they were in the rain. A few minutes later they were tired, so they all decided to rest for a bit. 
Well, all except the white one in the middle. She was walking on the horse treadmill to get more exercise. 

After their nap they all loaded into the car/carriage and headed home. 

Good, clean fun. 

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