Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Anger Management - Kindergarten Edition

Of the two girls, Samantha has definitely been the more laid back one to date. She's usually happy to cuddle, whiny as all get out, but easy to sway to what you really want her to do.

Last week, something changed.  I see court ordered anger management classes in her (hopefully) distant future. It's hard to believe with a face like this that she has so much fire inside of her, but it's there.
My first glimpse was on Saturday, when she accidentally hit her knee on her bookshelf.  She was crying hard, and you could tell it really, truly hurt.
Sam: It hurts SO BAD Mommy! I want to punch something! [tears]
Me: Here Sam, hit this pillow [hands it to her]
Sam: [throwing pillow at me] NO! It hurts too bad! [tears with a few sniffles]
Me: OK, here. [hands her a blanket] Punch this blanket.
Sam: [tears stop and eyes narrow in] NO! That's my favorite blanket.  NOW I WANT TO PUNCH YOU!!!!!!!!!
Sunday, Sam had to do her share of picking up the basement. There was still some rogue packing peanuts floating around and it looked like a drunk monkey ran through and messed up all the toys.  She decided that HER share was to pick up two pieces of paper and leave the rest to her sister.
Me: Sam, you are not leaving this basement until it's cleaned up.
Sam: I guess I will just die down here then since I have to stay here forever!
[runs upstairs crying that she is super mistreated and she really has to go potty]

... ten minutes go by, and Sam heads back downstairs...
Me: Hi Sam. Do you feel better now?
Sam: NO! I'm SO MAD AT YOU because you made me cry, and now my throat hurts! You are NOT NICE!
I really hope those horns are there just to hold up the (missing) halo.


Señora Botero-Moriarty said...

Inlaughed so hard bc Mani has a temper too!
Today Sam made me laugh during lunch because i caught her telling a boy that "she was watching him" while signaling Ferris Bueler's "i got my eye on you" hand gesture. It was sooo funny

Señora Botero-Moriarty said...
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