Tuesday, May 21, 2013


When my dad moved to Illinois he brought his Austrailian Cattle Dog Rowdy and moved to a 17 acre farm in the country.  After a few months, he basically adopted our dog Sugar, since she loves spending her days on the farm versus at our home, alone, all day long.  And we love it because Sugar is happy, Rowdy has a friend, and we clean up pee a whole lot less.

A few weeks ago, I worked from the University of Iowa Hospital while my dad had his SUPER SUCCESSFUL, BETTER THAN WE COULD HAVE HOPED SURGERY!! while our neice Miranda watched the kids and my dad's dogs.  Because of my limited wireless and limited ability to concentrate, I worked on cleaning files and emails out that I don't need anymore.

And I came across a picture of a more somber time in our lives, one where we were dealing with trying not to kill training Sugar. As a reminder, here's the story on how Sugar came to live with us.  Take a second to read it.  I'll wait.

Doo, doo, dooooooo....

OK.  Remember how I posted that I came home to a missing wall?  Well, many, many people, my husband included, reacted the same way when I told them our dog ate our wall.  They said, "Realllly?  Did she EAT the wall or just scratch it?" then stared at me while I pounded my head into the newly exposed support beams in my kitchen.

Here is the picture I found.

Apologies now being accepted.

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