Monday, October 22, 2012

33 things for an almost-35 year old

About 18 months ago I put together a list of the top 33 things I wanted to do while I was 33.  I’m creeping up on 35 now and not only have I still not completed the 33 things but I haven’t moved the link at the top of my blog.  In order to wrap up the list and redo my blog, here’s a recap of what did and didn’t happen.  Maybe I’ll do another list when I turn 35… Juggling, anyone?

1. Spend one day with Addi the week she starts kindergarten, getting a mani/pedi, lunch, and having some mommy/daughter time.

2. Meet up with my great friends I made while prego with Sam – Also known as my birth board friends.

3. Run a race with jay. Jay likes running about as much as he likes my cooking. 'Nuf said.

4. Get a new pet for our family.

5. Go to Disney with the kids.

6. Run a ½ marathon.

7. Go to a parade.

8. Drink a dirty martini.

9. Support a charity.

10. Plant a garden.

11. Go on a weekend trip with just Jay and I.

12. Buy a new swimsuit.

13. Take a personal day and only do things for myself. Done.

14. Cook an entire meal for my family, and serve it all fancy like a restaurant. See #3 above.

15. Detail and wash my car by hand. By MY hand. I realized, I hate cleaning. So I bought a new, clean car instead.

16. Go see Oprah. Learn to sew. Why sew when you can tie knots? New post coming soon...

17. Do something selfless for someone else.

18. Take my cat to the vet.

19. Have a date with just Sam and I.

20. Play in a sprinkler. Hmmm... Maybe I SHOULD have done this. I did get sprayed by the hose a few times...

21. Have a cookout.

22. Actually read one of the Charles Dickens books I claimed to read for Oprah. I read the Cliff Notes. Does that count?

23. Paint a room in my house.

24. Join a gym.

25. Teach the girls how to swim.

26. Clean out my jewelry box. Done - but didn't take any pictures.

27. Go on a spontaneous road trip with the family.

28. Clean out my Facebook friend list and delete the bad apples. Done, and now I need to do it again!

29. Bake an apple pie from scratch. I made an attempt at this - well, I looked up a recipe. Then Jay informed me that Sam's pies are better, cheaper, and less messy than doing it myself. And it got him another trip to Sam's. Win win.

30. Buy a fancy purse without apology.

31. Go to a movie alone. Ha.... Yeah, this was a stretch goal if I ever heard one.

32. Clean out all four bedroom closets in my house.

33. Blog as I hit these milestones. Done!

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