Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sister Mary ANYTHING

A few weekends ago Jenny took the kids pictures, and I absolutely love them!  I showed my coworker one of the great pictures of Addi today and he commented on how pretty she was. 

Fast forward to tonight at bedtime, and right before Addi was supposed to fall asleep we had the following conversation (please keep in mind she is SIX, not sixteen):
Me:  Addi , a guy at work today said looked beautiful in your picture Jenny took.
Addi (sitting straight up):  WHO??? Is he CUTE??
Me: Addi! He’s married. 

Addi:  Oh, Man!

Me:  And old, like mommy.
Addi:  Well, is he cute? I want to see a picture of him!

I seriously need to send her to a convent.

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