Friday, August 17, 2012

Selling the garage

Having a giant garage sale in which you get rid of over 1/2 of the contents of your basement, 99% of your baby "stuff" and invite several friends to join in is just as much work as you would think it would be.  In fact, it's hours and hours and days and even weeks of prep time just to be a success.  At least, that's how it was when Jay and I had our giant garage sale in August.  Can you do it faster/quicker/better?  Go right ahead.  I'll be first in line to drop off my goods at Goodwill from today on.

First, there's prep.  Lots and lots of prep.  Namely, going through 20+ tubs of clothes, shoes, toys, and junk and determining what will be sold, pitched or given away.  Your house looks a lot like THIS (times a thousand):

After draining a few bottles of Tylenol and recovering information from parts of your brain you didn't remember you had (which pants goes with what shirt... didn't that have a hair bow too?) you finally get to the day of.  And then things get tricky.

Having some help from your friends, husband, mother, Godmother, and finally sending your kids away will help.

Finally, you toss what's not sold into the truck, drive to Goodwill, and wave cheerily as you go home to your garage, which is now desolate minus a few hundred hangers and post it notes.  You count your cash, plop on the couch, and pass out.
The end.

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