Tuesday, January 15, 2008

We had our big sono today!

Ralph Baby #2

The proud Big Sister

Steph's belly at 21 weeks

So, after 21 weeks of waiting, Jay and I had our big sonogram today. I was really nervous... I just wanted a healthy baby and you never really know until you hear that everything seems OK. But everything was PERFECT, measured right on schedule. The baby also moved quite a bit and made it difficult to get good pictures for us, but that's OK. Also, we found out that Addi is going to have.... a little SISTER! She has been saying over and over that she wants a "sisser" so that's good. I kind of wanted a boy but REALLY want Addi to have a sister someday, so I am happy too. And Jay said "Yeah! Less stuff to buy!" Cheapness wins out!

Here are some pictures, one of the sono, one of me at 21 weeks, and one of Addi celebrating her big-sister-hood. My stomach is already pointy-er than last time (we will blame that on the hernia) but I have a feeling this will also be a big baby like Addi.

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