Monday, December 8, 2014

Multi-tasking isn't for the weak

I have the desire and urge to update my blog a lot more often than I actually do.  I was feeling bad one day about it and was talking to a friend at work about how I didn't seem to have time to do the things I really wanted/needed to anymore, like work out or write.

He asked what all we did during the week so I pulled up my spreadsheet (yes, I have a spreadsheet) of our daily schedule.  It starts with Jay leaving work work and me getting the girls off to school and ends with us alternating putting the girls to bed.  Basically every day is filled in with stuff like "eat" and "give Sam a bath", plus the nine hours of practice Addi has at swimming each week and boring stuff like "sleep" and "work".

Then I said, "There's not much else other than all of the craft orders I get, having to fill those, plus any work meetings and volunteering we have at night, which is usually only once or twice a week. And Sam just started swimming each week and I signed up for a triathlon last week, so I'll start swim lessons again soon.  Plus we have Addi's swim meets and Jay is leading a team for Knights of Columbus, so he will start to be more busy too.  Other than that stuff, we aren't that busy. I cancelled a lot of my commitments this year like leading Girl Scouts and PTO."

I thought I didn't have a lot on my plate.  My friend helped me see that I am lucky to not be in a corner rocking and moaning and basically, I need to give myself some grace and stop beating myself up for not getting it all done because sometimes "it" isn't that important in the end.

(written while I'm multi-tasking at Addi's swim practice)

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