Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Our future Olympian

This weekend Addi has her first meet with the Dunlap Dolphins, a competitive swim team that she joined this school year.  It's pretty hard core, with tryouts and no guarantee that you will be accepted so she was pretty nervous about the whole thing.

About two weeks after her tryout we were laying in her bed reading when Jay texted me (from Sam's room).  It said, "Addi made the Dolphins."  She saw me glance at my phone and said, "Wait, WHAT did that say?"  I let her see my phone and the shriek of joy and pride that came out of her mouth was amazing.  I wish we could have recorded it.

When I tried to get her to lay back down and sleep, she said, "Wow, Mommy... Can you believe me and Daddy are like the two best swimmers EVER?  Like, in the whole world?  I'll probably go to the Olympics or something."

We are working on  her self esteem - it's obviously rock bottom low.

The team has practice five days a week for an hour and a half (she only has to make it to an average of two per week) and she is learning a ton.  Her coach is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. and, believe it or not, Coach Bob is 78 years old.  She LOVES the team - even wanting to go to practice most days - and is making good progress.

When we found out Addi's first meet would be this weekend, we realized Jay would be out of town on a hunting trip.  Here was the conversation that followed.

Me: Addi, Daddy can't be at your first meet, is that ok?
Addi: No, you won't have any idea what to do because Daddy is way smarter than you in swimming.  Can you call uncle Adam and see if he can come in Daddy's place since he's the second best swimmer in the family?

[two days later]

Me: Addi, uncle Adam can't come, so it will be me with you, ok?
Addi:  Can you call aunt Robin? She's the next best swimmer in the family because no one is better than Daddy.

[one day later]

Me:  Addi, aunt Robin can't come.  I will take you, ok?
Addi: [deep, deep sigh]  OK.  I will have Daddy coach you on what all you need to do and say, but you will need to call him after ever race so he can tell you what to say to me.

So, I'm pleased to say that Jay has written down instructions for me on how to cheer Addi on and wrote down things for her to remember before each race.  Last night she asked if I had seen the list he made and when I said yes, she said that list was the coolest thing EVER.

At least I'm still Samantha's favorite.

Wish Addi good luck this weekend!

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