Thursday, August 21, 2014

Take two

Tonight, Samantha had her very first soccer game.  Now, while we've gone through almost every sport with her sister, Samantha hasn't been involved in many activities.  There are a lot of reasons why, but mainly it's hard to go out and assert yourself when you spend every minute trying to climb back into the womb. 

Samantha (oh yeah, she's Samantha again now that school started, not Sam) finally moved more than four feet from me and joined her first organized team. Now, Addi hated soccer so much we had to threaten to sign her up the following year if she didn't put forth a tiny bit of effort, so we wondered if Samantha would do the same.

Nope!  After practice one she came home exclaiming, "Addi! You were WRONG!  Soccer is FUN!"
Practice #2 - her turn at goalie
After three practices and her first game, she's still loving it.  And bonus:  her team won tonight.

The closest to a real picture I could get
She sure loves to photobomb


Unknown said...

Congratulations Sam....uh...Samantha

mashanine said...

How cute! Love her!

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