Thursday, August 21, 2014

I need more sleep

Having two cats is a pretty awesome.  They are fairly self sufficient, you can leave them for a few days at a time and they are alive when you come home, and never once have I come home to a missing wall (photo evidence here) and a guilty looking cat.  Aside from the litter and the furballs, they are pretty easy pets.

A bonus: Our cats love each other.  Even though Bandit (the white one) is older (like 12 maybe?) and Leo is the new young bribe kitten, they can be found spooning or bathing each other a lot.  There isn't a lot of hissing and the change from one to two cats was way, way easier than we expected.
They are both boys, by the way
Well, the last few days I realized I am so, so tired.  I thought maybe it was work, or maybe too much caffeine, but then, it hit me.

Like, literally hit me. In the face.  At 3 a.m.

It was Bandit's rubber mouse.  This realistic, rubbery mouse that he loves so much that he must apparently play with it all hours of the day.  His absolute favorite is fetch (adorable evidence here) and I've been been forced many, MANY times by him nudging my hand to throw the mouse. 
Notice the grey blob he's holding... that's mouse-y
However, it's getting out of hand.  Not only does he now yowl at Leo if he comes near the mouse, but he brings the mouse to me in the middle of the night and drops it on my face.  Then, he tries to bury it under me in order to hide it from Leo, then yowls some more when Leo tries to cuddle.

Good times.

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