Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hindsight is 20/20

The first week of May I got an email from our amazing school secretary, Jill.  She said she was going through records and realized she couldn't find the paperwork for Samantha's eye exam (a requirement to register for Kindergarten) and asked if I could send her a copy as soon as I could.  I called our eye doctor right away and asked if they could fax over Sam's records and they said, "We've never seen a Samantha here."

Oops!  I guess it's true what they say about second children - you forgot all kinds of things for them and I guess complying with state guidelines was just another thing on my list.  :)

In order to make sure our school was compliant I took Sam to Walmart for a quick exam the next day.  She had a blast trying on glasses and of course she looked adorable in every pair. Once we were finished she was in tears when she found out her vision is just fine - no Hello Kitty glasses in her near future.  Even when I told her it's basically a given that she'll be blind as a bat in just a few short years, she was still sad.

Driving home I said, "Congratulations Sam! You can go to Kindergarten now!" and expected her to laugh.  Instead, she looked at me in complete shock, then got mad since she was three weeks away from heading to first grade.  Maybe the glasses made her more serious in addition to more adorable.

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