Thursday, June 19, 2014

Don't forget to fast

One of the most important days in a Catholic child's life is their first Communion.  You prepare for a full year with studying, classes, and prayer, and if you live at our house you set up the living room into a church for practice and then give your parents several opportunities to practice patience.

For Catholics, we fast for an hour prior to receiving Communion.  The idea is that before you receive Jesus, your body should be as pure as possible, but it's a rule that often gets forgotten in our house.

The morning of her First Communion, Addi was totally panicking about when she should stop eating breakfast.  My mom quizzed her and said, "Addi, do you know why you have to fast?"

Addi said, "Yes. It's so when Jesus is in your belly, he's not like 'Hey, Fruit Loops! Hey, Captain Crunch!'"

I do love the way her mind works.  And because I promised her, this is the last time I'll tell this story.  ;)

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