Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A little thank you

Our family is really lucky to have an honorary aunt for the girls, Jeri.  She's amazing. She was a second mother to me and Lee for our entire lives, living next door to us in two different houses.  Even after we no longer lived next door she has always been there for us, and she really is a wonderful aunt to the girls.  A few months ago was the first time they realized she wasn't actually related to us, and they were totally dumbfounded.  To them, she's just Aunt Jeri.

Jeri asked if she could make Addison's First Communion dress for her, and we all loved the idea.  A trip to Indy, lots of tears, and finally the dress was designed to Addi's liking.  Jeri made the dress and shipped it to us, and of course Addi had grown a little bit more.  We shipped it BACK and by First Communion morning, the dress was perfect and Addi had an amazing day.  More on THAT later (but one picture of Jeri's handiwork).
Cattleya, Addison, and Lily
I really enjoy crafting, so as a thank you to Jeri I made her a wreath.  It really was a labor of love for me because I made it in Indiana University colors, and being a Purdue graduate it pained me to make something that represented our biggest in state rival.  Since I made it for their front door I also painted a wood "G" for their last name to attach to it, and in the end I really love how it turned out.
Jeri's Wreath

I did learn a really, really important lesson on this particular craft.  When you work on a craft late at night, pay close attention to the little things in life.  Like, perhaps, look down every now and then just to make sure you haven't at some point dropped red paint on the ground, then stepped in it, then walked around your kitchen, say, 14 times. 

I've heard of painting a town red, but I'm pretty sure this is not what it means.

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Patricia said...

Awesome! A beautiful dress and a beautiful wreath!

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