Tuesday, March 25, 2014


The kids really liked going to Camp Carnival, and after their first afternoon there we asked them if they made any friends.  They both talked about Alexis and how cool she was. She was 7, so in between their ages (the camp had Sam bumped up to age 6) and Alexis had a twin but the girls didn't get to meet her.

The next time they went to camp they met some other kids, but no Alexis. They DID however meet her twin, Lexi.  Addi said, "I went up to her and said hi and she said, I don't know you, you must have met my twin Alexis."  Addi told me that Lexi had different clothes than Alexis and that's how she tells them apart.

As a mom I was thinking, who in their right mind would name identical twins Alexis and Lexi? but kept that to myself.

The girls went to Camp for dinner one night while Jay and I went to grown up dinner and to the casino (which had carnival games like the claw game - but instead of stuffed animals had stacks of CASH!  Oh, yes we sure did play that one!).  After Jay and I picked them up (a few bucks poorer) Addi said she played with Alexis again.  I said, "Where was Lexi?" and Addi said, "Oh their mom and dad have a rule that they aren't allowed to be together ever. That's why you only see one of them at a time."  Sam chipped in that yes, that was in fact true, and they had fun with Alexis because Lexi was mean to them last time she was there.

Get where this is going?

Because I can't let things go, I pushed the issue.  I tried to find a reasonable way to tell the kids that I was pretty sure they were getting tricked, but they were adamant that no, there were two girls, the parents just won't let them be seen together.

The last night of the cruise the girls went to Camp for dinner again so Jay and I could use up our casino money and start packing.  When we got in line for check in, Addi said, "Hey look! There's Alexis! You can tell because that's not the kind of shirt Lexi wears."  She looked again at Alexis standing in between her parents and little brother, looked up at me, and said, "There's only one of them, isn't there."  

That night we talked about it and Addi came to the conclusion that Alexis must like to do bad things when she's Lexi and uses the alter ego to get herself out of trouble.  I figured the kid was either crazy or had a really vivid imagination, but Addi's reason seemed plausible too.

Once we got home, we joined the real world again and a few nights later Addi brought home school papers.  I glanced at them, then did a double take.

Apparently, Addi has a twin too.  I hope this one likes dishes.


Señora Botero-Moriarty said...

She's so clever!

Patricia said...

LMAO! Oh my... you have a world of trouble ahead of you once she hits high school! ;)

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