Friday, March 21, 2014

She's so hot

The first day we were hanging out on the pool deck, we noticed the close proximity of a few things that could be dangerous.  The first were the two bars - enough said.  The second was the Guy Fiero's burger joint with really, REALLY good french fries - not good if you are attempting to not gain weight.  On the opposite side was a burrito place that had a great selection of salsas and peppers out but never seemed to be open for actual burritos.  Finally, there were the soft serve ice cream machines (TWO) that were open 24/7.

Addi and I took a walk to the ice cream machine and on our way back, she grabbed an orange pepper off the counter of the burrito place. They looked exactly like the peppers Jay gets at Sam's regularly and she popped it into her mouth. I didn't notice any of this until she started saying, "It's hot! AHHHHHH!" and whining.

We got back to our seat and she continued to freak out, only louder and louder.  Jay got a kick out of it and was laughing until he realized what exactly she ate - a habanero chili pepper.  A quick wikipedia search has this lovely thing listed as the world's hottest chili pepper in 2000.

Apparently, on the official "Scale" of peppers, a bell pepper rates a 0 and a banana pepper 100-900.  Addi's particular one rates typically between 100,000 and 350,000 - in the top 25% of hot peppers. So yeah... Just a little warm.

Oops.  Jay laughed at her at first, and after she finally got a cool mouth she was MAD. She ran over and grabbed another pepper and told Jay he had to eat one for laughing, then when he wouldn't she brought it up every time she could the entire trip. He put her off repeatedly saying he was afraid, his stomach hurt, anything to not have to eat one, and when we left the boat he never ate one.

After we got home I came downstairs to him gagging and running around, and the kids laughing and pointing.  Turns out Addi found another orange pepper and got Jay to eat it.  But when they weren't looking, he winked at me - because he was eating a regular Sam's club pepper, not what was once in the Guiness Book of World Records.  Oh well - Addi was happy!

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Señora Botero-Moriarty said...

This is soooo adorable!
What a cute white lie :)
All these stories make me want to do a cruise even more.... Niw to convince my hbby!!

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