Monday, February 24, 2014

Handy Manny

When we moved into our house, we had a formal living room that we made Addi's playroom.  After about two years Jay spent a few long days and built some cabinets for storage (with 12" tall shelves that fit my scrapbooks!), but the room was still a playroom.

Now, six years of toys and six months of Sugar thinking the room was her personal toilet have gone by, and Jay and I realized over the last year that the kids really don't play in the playroom anymore.  Well, they play school, but that's it. The days of the room being a daycare, a zoo, a volcano - they are mostly gone. So we decided that a playroom isn't what the Ralphs need anymore.  What we really need is a room to scrapbook do homework.

First, the carpet went out, hard wood was installed, and the cabinets were fixed. 

Next up was paint and a custom window seat cushion (thank you Pinterest!) and some furniture.

And to seal the deal, Jay hung some doors that have only been slammed four times by Addi.
I LOVE the new room, the kids have done a lot of homework in there, and my scrapbook supplies fit great. :)

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