Sunday, September 8, 2013

The "Catch Up" Post

I love blogging and try to keep up with it, with a goal of three updates per week. And just like my weight loss goal, I haven't done well.

For a while I just felt bad about myself... I seemed to have no energy to blog or really do anything. I just wanted to lay around the house. Even with my regular workouts I didn't have energy and seemed to be getting overwhelmed really, really easily.

I tried to think about what could be going on when my ever so smart husband pointed out to me that by the first of July, I had already had enough drama and stress to fill an entire year.  With all that went on with my dad, and work, and trips, and the kids, and notoriously over-committing myself, I was tired. And being tired was perfectly acceptable.

So, I know I'll never catch back up on all the amazing things our family did this summer.  But here's a short list.

We swam.
The girls and I went to Texas for 5 days to see our amazing friends.
We hung out with our neighbors.
We went to St. Louis and played at Six Flags and the City Museum.
We visited Jay's family in Indiana and went to Holiday World.
Jay and I took a night away for our anniversary and stayed in a ridiculously quiet Bed and Breakfast.
I downloaded a great "white noise" app on my phone.
Sam became Samantha.
We watched our school put the finishing touches on our building.
I had more weeks of layoff.
Samantha got her first real pedicure.
I got to level 127 on Candy Crush Saga.
The girls got adorable hair cuts, just in time for school.
I freaked out and felt really, really old when I realized I have a second grader.
We cuddled.
Addi changed her name to Addison, then Addy.
I cleaned out my car.
Our cat got fleas.
I got carpel tunnel from so much vacuuming.

And many, many, many other moments that I can't remember right now.  And that's OK.


Patricia said...

I have missed your great blog! Glad to see the fleas made the list! LMAO

Anonymous said...

You make me laugh. Miss ya!!!


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