Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Addison's Strength

Addison is strong in a lot of ways. She's physically strong - she rolled over and pushed up within an hour of birth, walked at 9 months, and can pick up her overweight mother today.  Her will is VERY strong - meaning you better go into an argument with a clear idea of what you want because she will wear. you. down. fighting for her heart's desire.  She's also strong in her convictions - basically, she knows she is right and that's all there is to it, thank you very much.

Some of these strengths are great - she carries giant bags of cat food for Jay and is hard to convince to do things she feels are wrong, which could be handy in junior high, but they also have a bad side.  Namely body slamming her sister when she means to lightly shove her and turning my hair (more) gray with her constant arguing.

A few days ago, Jay was cutting up a chicken for dinner and took the wishbone over to Addi.  She had never seen one before but within 30 seconds had a lifetime wishbone score of Addi: 1, Jay: 0.

Then she said, "Instead of wishing for something, I'm going to pray for Sherryl's dad who died instead.  Is that OK?"

Turns out, she's also strong in her faith and strong in her caring for others.  And those might be my two favorite strengths of all.

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Patricia said...

So sweet!!!! Ally still asks about her "big girl" friend and birthday twin!

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