Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lefties Got It Going On

Every now and then Sami asks me to draw people for her and even though I've had a lifetime of practice, they are pretty much two dimensional and very basic.  I might go crazy and have one person looking up or to the side, but for the most part they look straight ahead.  And their noses never look like noses.  Can't figure the nose. 

I am more than a little biased, but I do believe Addison is talented when it comes to drawing.  She is light years ahead of me and at age seven includes things that I wouldn't even think to put in a drawing.  She brought home several drawings at the end of the year and as I looked through them, I was shocked at how much progress she has made. Their faces are still pretty basic but they are looking to the side, legs crossed... The second one even has an animal peaking out behind her.

I have to think that since she's a leftie, maybe she's more creative. The part that makes me feel better? She can't draw noses either.  Just check out Tina.   But the best part? When Sam wants a drawing, I can just send her to her sister.

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