Monday, June 17, 2013

Celebrating Everything

Even though I have heard people complain about society celebrating mediocrity with graduations from preschool, kindergarden, middle school, etc., it's really hard for me to stop smiling when I think about Samantha's graduation from preschool this year. 

Seriously, how can this face NOT make your heart melt?!?  Seriously, it makes ME want to graduate from preschool again.

The ceremony was short and sweet (like Sam) but had it's cute moments.  The asked each of the kids want they want to be when they grow up and we heard "fireman", "Baseball player" (from a girl), and "dentist."  When it was Sam's turn, she proudly stood up and said, "I want to be a princess!"

It's not hard to imagine that coming true.  She's already a princess in our book.

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