Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sugar and Spice

When it comes to Sam and school, there’s not much to report.  We had her parent/teacher conference a few weeks ago for her Pre-K program and it was like the movie groundhog’s day.  She’s smart, outgoing, a great listener, loves to help the teacher and is never in trouble.  We nodded, smiled and left the room, proud of our girl but not really surprised by much.
We actually got a similar report from Addi’s teacher at the beginning of the year, but the conversation went a little more like this:
Teacher: Addi is such a joy to have in class. I never have issues with her and she’s always a great listener and just so eager to learn!
Jay and I, somewhat sheepishly:  Oh, sorry, we are Addi RALPH’s parents.  There must be more than one Addi.
Teacher: No, she’s the only one.  I just love her!
Us: Seriously, Addi Ralph? About 4 foot tall, likes to pick other kids up to show her strength??  Can’t listen worth a darn?
Anyway, we are used to hearing Addi said the F word colorful reports at school, but with Sam it’s rare to hear anything negative at all.  But yesterday I picked her up and as we walked down the stairs she nonchalantly said, “Oh yeah today I went to time out for hitting Annie.”

Me: What? What happened?
Sam: Well, I accidentally hit her with a basketball and I said, “Oh I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry!” but I still had to go to time out. (Sad face)
Me: (Assuming she was punished unjustly) It’s OK, Sam.  Did you try to throw it to her and miss while you were playing?
Sam: No.  I was trying to hit Vic in the head because he made me so mad.  And I missed him and hit Annie.  I tried to hit Vic again but the teacher made me sit on the bench.
I have a feeling she’s more spirited than pictures show.  Lucky us.

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Anonymous said...

This is too funny :) Sweet little Sam!

- Kacy

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