Wednesday, January 23, 2013

On this episode of "Hoarders"

I have grown to love shows like "American Pickers" and "Hoarders" - basically shows that always make you feel better about your own home.  You always turn off the TV thinking, "Wow.  At least MY family isn't THAT strange!"
Well, Samantha could possibly be on one of those shows.  Her room is usually really clean (unlike Addi's or the basement) but she likes her belongings to be just right.  She also really, REALLY enjoys cutting paper, or material, or napkins, or boxes, or anything else she can get her crafty little hands on, and is constantly making stuff for her "friends."
Recently I went in her room and was told that her students were all having nap time.  Notice the blankets in perfect lines and her friends all in a row. 

Compared to the nap centers of years past, these at least don't look like tiny little morgues like back in the day.

Outside of the nap area were all of my Tupperware containers and seven Mickey Mouse Happy Birthday cups, all filled with squares of paper.  When I had the audacity to suggest we maybe move the containers to the kitchen, I was quickly reprimanded and informed that was NOT to happen.  Not at this school.  The kids NEED fresh paper food for lunch and it must be kept in these containers.  When I said I really needed those back she encouraged me to literally think outside of the box and perhaps use a Ziplock instead of these.
Considering almost every other room in the house is a total disaster, I really should embrace her desire for order.  Or maybe just buy her a set of Tupperware so I can at least put away my leftovers.

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