Wednesday, September 26, 2012

18. Take my cat to the vet

Some people are surprised that we have a cat.  Not because we aren't pet people - we are, despite our terrible luck with them - but because they never see him.  Oh, and because we never talk about him.  Basically it's my cat, and Jay only agreed to getting him because he thought our dog at the time would eat said cat and he'd never have to hear about it again.

Well, two dogs and seven years later...  His name is Bandit,  he's white, and even though we call him a "She", he's a boy.

The cat pretty much hates everyone but me.  He's starting to warm up to the kids but that's after years of Addi trapping him in her room so she can "pet" him.  Maybe "warm up" isn't quite the right term.  "Give up" might be better. Bandit pretty much stays to himself unless I'm around.  He lets me pet him, brush him, feed him, and is in my face from the minute I wake up until I leave for work.  Since Jay leaves a lot earlier than I do, he never sees him.

I'll take that back.  Jay USED to leave a lot earlier than me.  Recently he started going into the office a tad later, so the cat started coming out of hiding while Jay was still there.  And Jay was shocked to see the cat rubbing his cute white face all over Jay's toothbrush.  He freaked out and I said, "Oh that? He does that every day."

I can tell you that was not a pleasant morning in our house, when Jay realized Bandit had more than one friend in the house.  He was totally grossed out.  Not grossed out to move his toothbrush, so I don't see what I did as entirely wrong. :)  Isn't he a lucky guy? 

Anywoo, on to the name of the post... I finally (after three years) took the cat to the vet.  Good bill of health and the vet was very impressed with how clean his teeth were.  I proudly told him he brushes at least once a day, with an Oral B Electric.  Take my cat to the vet - Done!

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runningallfifty said...

Great post, Steph!! Made me laugh!!!

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