Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Super Sam

There is a halfway decent chance that Samantha is part camel. That girl will drink at least two full glasses of milk or water before bed, plus drink water during the night when she wakes up, and still not wet the bed. It’s definitely a super power in our house – momma hates changing wet sheets.

I was concerned about her teeth being harmed but her dentist said as long as it’s just milk or water he’s ok with her drinking habit so Jay and I have given her the go ahead. Heck, I drink at least 24 oz of water each night so who am I to stop her?

Last night Sam woke up and wanted more to drink. Because I was already in bed I had her climb in with me, then offered her some of my water. She flat our refused, saying she wanted juice. I said, No, water. She said, No, juice. And so on. After several rounds of this she changed her request to milk. I said, No, water. She started crying, but the dentist SAID I could have water OR milk, and I want milk! I love milk!

Fast forward a few more minutes and Sam had been placed gently in her bed, all the while kicking and yelling about more moo juice. After a few MORE minutes she changed it up slightly. “PLEASE can I have more milk? Can I have more milk PLEASE!?” Seeing as how my alarm was set for 4:30 am, Jay took pity on me and finally got her some milk, partially because she said please, but mostly because we were just so tired. Sam came to my room, sniffling but triumphant, and said, “I said please a bunch of times Mommy.”

Apparently her OTHER super power will be negotiation skills.

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