Thursday, July 12, 2012

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Last Christmas we finally caved and bought Addison an American Girl Doll she had wanted for awhile. Expensive? Extremely. Worth it? Debatable. Her favorite toy? On some days for sure. We basically gave in because of peer pressure and too many parties where everyone else had an AG and Addi was left out. And she plays with it a lot, changing it’s name depending on her mood that day and yelling at us when we dare call her by the wrong moniker. Dolls have feelings too, you know.

We have found a lot of less expensive clothes and accessories for her doll Jenny at stores like Walmart and Kmart, and even have found matching PJs for her and Isabel, so the cost of ownership isn’t that bad. But what sets the American Girl dolls apart in my mind and makes them worth the money is their hair. I’m totally serious when I say that. Their hair is amazing. Brushes great, fun to play with, and given the opportunity I’d totally take her hair over mine any day.

Now, it might seem weird to be obsessed with a dolls hair, but when you have two girls who are not careful with their toys, you end up with ratty hair that’s impossible to brush and is terrifying to see. But not Alexis… Her hair is always perfect.

Nothing at all like Repunzel’s hair. This is what it looks like when Sam "fixes" it.

Addi agrees with me. The day I took this picture Sam brought it into my room, and Addi exclaimed, “Sam! Fix her hair, she looks homeless!”

Apparently inappropriate comments, just like a love of great hair, is hereditary.

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