Monday, July 23, 2012

Baptizing Betty

Betty White has been part of the family now for a little over two months, and so far (knock on wood) she's maintained her pristine appearance.  Considering we drove off the lot with a brand new Murray the Murano, pulled into the gas station across the street to fill him up, and slammed the door into a concrete pillar, I didn't have high hopes for Betty.  And let's face it - I kind of suck at driving.  So I think we are all surprised to see her with no dings today.

The inside of the car?  That's a different story.

Way back two weeks ago on vacation, we were enjoying our time as a family.  Despite several issues with our boat, we welcomed our college friends the Zywicki's to our cabin and enjoyed July 4th.

July 5th, three of them woke up with the stomach flu.  Eek.

Luckily it was a short-lived virus and 12 hours later, they were in decent shape.  The rest of us tried to keep the Ralphing to our name only (haha, I'm so funny) but every time the kids even burped I freaked out that they were coming down with the flu.  On the way home we stopped for coffee and as I came out of the gas station all I could see was Jay flipping paper towels in the air and I could hear both kids crying.  I don't think I need to repeat the words that went through my head.

Turns out, no one barfed. But Betty WAS desecrated.  With root beer.

Addi opened her sippy cup, which had become pressurized.  And it started spraying everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.  And she kept holding it, while she and Sam sat there, strapped into their car seats, crying as it rained sticky sweetness all over them.  I think the cup only sprayed for 15 seconds but there was root beer all over the backseat, in the sunroof, on the dashboard, in the front window, on the steering wheel...  Jay and I stood there for at least 10 minutes wiping it all up and I know we missed a few hundred spots.

I am grateful that a little root beer is all that has happened to Betty to date.  I'm also quite grateful we chose the car with black interior. 

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