Monday, May 21, 2012

My Alma Mater

I love that I am a graduate of Purdue.  Not only did I meet great friends, have some amazing experiences (like studying at Cambridge University in England one summer), and receive a fantastic degree that allows me to be gainfully employed, but it's where I met Jay.  I'll proudly tell anyone I meet that yes, I am a Boilermaker and proud of it, and tell them they should totally send their kids there too. 

Well, that doesn't apply to MY kids.   Out of state tuition? No thanks.

An inevitable part of having had such fun for four five years?  Lots and lots of student loans.  Each month Jay and I would log into Sallie Mae, groaning over the growing list of security questions and pay that month's amount.

Until March.  When we got this in the mail. 

I can finally say not only am I a Boilermaker, but my degree is finally paid off!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wahoo!! That's gotta feel good!

- Kacy

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