Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Four Times the Cute

When Samantha Jane Ralph was born, things were kind of blurry for me.  After my spinal didn't work I had the pleasure (sarcasm) of being put under, then woke up in a fog that lasted over 24 hours.  I worried about so many things, especially having enough love for two kids and being able to know Sam as well as I knew Addi.

I never should have worried.  If anything, Sam is more attached to me than Addi ever was, and aside from the sporatic fit she throws, she remains her cute, laid back self.

She believes that her stuffed animals are real, with emotions and feelings all their own.  And they enjoy watching TV with her too.

She thinks that the sun is REALLY named "Mr. Sun" and comes complete with a personality.  She talks about Mr. Sun just like she talks about her cousins or friends from school.  And her feelings get hurt when Mr. Sun does something mean, like set in the west, when her car seat home from school is on the east, because she wants to play with him.

She's silly before bed, then extra cuddly when she sleeps.

And quite honestly she's one of the smartest kids I know.  Just look at my Mother's Day card.  Brilliant.
Happy (belated) birthday, Sam!

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