Friday, March 2, 2012

27. Take a road trip

When I wrote my list of 33 things to do while I was 33, I tried to come up with things that were fun, but not everyday things to do, and things that would be a bit out of my comfort zone. For some of them (like buying a new purse), they are more out of Jay's comfort zone than anything.

So, taking a road trip might not seem wild and crazy, but with two kids who like to stick to a schedule, impulsive weekend trips aren't always easy. So, when our friends asked if we'd like to go to Chicago for a long weekend and hit up an indoor water park hotel, we said yes!

I took pictures and videos but I'll sum it up for you here quickly. It was fun, relaxing, great to hang with old friends, the kids had a blast swimming and making lipgloss at the kid spa and playing in the arcade, and we ate halfway decent food.

Maybe next year we can be more spontaneous, but for this year our road trip was perfect.

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