Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why YOU should drink lemon water!

I've always been a trendsetter. I know, I know, I shouldn't boast, but it's true. I'm always coming up with cool things that the whole world should totally copy. Squirreling (33 Facebook fans and holding!).... The blank stare (you see that everyday, admit it!).... The muffin top....

Trust me. The muffin top will TOTALLY be in style any day now. Really.

OK, so maybe I'm missing the "follower" part of being a trendsetter. But a few weeks back I decided to do something good for my health after hearing about it from two friends doing a cleanse. I started drinking hot lemon water in the mornings.
I found a really interesting article on why drinking hot lemon water is good for you and passed the information on to a few coworkers. So now, a few of us go each morning with our freshly sliced lemon, get hot water, and wait for the magic to begin. Lemon water has a lot of benefits, including boosting your immunity, increasing weight loss, lowering blood pressure, and making you more zen. I was most excited about the immunity part, because with cold and flu season here, I really want to avoid getting sick.

And, within one week of drinking lemon water each and every morning, I was home with one heck of a cold. And I was pissed.

Seriously, if lemon water is supposed to be so good for you, why did I sleep for over 20 hours on Friday? The whole family spent the weekend doing this:

Lots of cuddles, naps, and whining, without a lemon in sight. Sigh.

I'm still a believer though. 48 hours later I feel pretty darn good, which is amazing considering how bad I felt. And trust me, in a few short months I'll be thinner, happier, younger looking, and the muffin top will be on the cover of Vogue. Just wait.

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