Monday, February 6, 2012

23. Paint a room in my house

So, I've wanted to paint our kitchen since, well, about two days after we painted it to begin with.  Part of the time it looked OK, but depending on the hour of the day the color wasn't right.  But it never really made sense to repaint.

The kitchen and old couches
 Army green looks better with birthday cake

Fast forward to this Christmas break.  Our new kitchen table had been residing in the house since August, and it's new friend the new couch was going to be delivered soon.  The old carpet was on its way out and the painting and tiling were in full swing.  And a few days later, we were done!  The hardest part seems to be getting a picture of our entire enormous new couch.

The kitchen, after.  Notice the cute tile backsplash!
 A wider angle, with the table
 One step farther back, with part of the new couch (and Sam)
 New buffet - my wine cork corkboard made it into the new kitchen
 New living room wall decor
 Fireplace and OTHER side of the couch

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Anonymous said...

Looks so good!! Can't wait to see it in person :)


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