Sunday, November 27, 2011

Giving Thanks

So I was a bit late on the 30 days of giving thanks thing on Facebook. Meaning, I missed it entirely. That's not to say I'm not thankful, I am very much so. But in my attempt to streamline my life I've tried to stay offline, so there you go.

Anyway, here is my list, done in Alphabet format. Enjoy!

A = Addison. My firstborn, my emotional twin.
B = Bandit, our poor neglected cat. He loves me and lets me pet him even when I forget he exists.
C = Clarisonics. My awesome face washing machine that I love.
D = My dad.
E = Elephants. Really, when Sam says them... "Efalants."
F = Facebook. Yes, I'm really thankful for it. As long as you don't creep someone out by mentioning something you saw about them on there during some light internet stalking.
G = God, and getting to be closer to him over Addi's first year in Catholic school. I forgot how much I missed that environment.
H = High school friends, once that I can keep up wtih on Facebook
I = Internet connections. Not sure how I got through life before Google.
J = Jay, my best friend and the best dad I know.
K = Kathy, my mom, who is great at being my mom and even better at being Grandma.
L = Lee, my brother who I love even though I never see him.
M = My May Mommy friends. Not sure what I'd do without them.
N = New friends (since I've been at Cat).
O = Old friends (who liked me before I was gainfully employed.)
P = Pets, who remind you why you have stained carpet and force you out of the bed at 5:30 am for a walk.
Q = Quaint stores that sell random stuff you can't live without.
R = The entire Ralph family. I really married into a great group of people.
S = Samantha, my crazy, insane cuddly, turning into a boss kid.
T = Tacos. I love mexican food.
U = Umbrellas. I really dislike walking the dog in the rain.
V = Very long weekends.
W = Walking and Running, something I love to do.
X = X-Rays, especially when they tell us Sam really doesn't have a broken arm.
Y = Yummy food.
Z = Changing leaves, fall, friends, swimming, playing, work, scrapbooking, crafting, and a Zillion other things I forgot.

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