Saturday, October 22, 2011

A slight obsession

A coworker commented one day on how great it must be to have two girls, because of the hand me down clothes.  That WOULD be the case, if I didn't like to dress the girls in matching outfits.  Now, in my defense, sometimes it's safer that way - like at Disney... I liked them to be the same so I could easily find both of them. 
Yes.  I know we aren't at Disney everyday.  But, safety aside... they LIKE it!  Seriously!

But.  Even I had to admit it was a bit much one Sunday morning.  We headed to Kohls after church, the girls in matching dresses and their babies in their matching dresses.  I looked up at one point to see the girls, their babies, and the display... all identical.

Fine.  I might have an obsession.

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