Monday, September 5, 2011

10. Plant a garden

This year, Jay planted a garden including cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini and peppers.  My part of the garden includes picking the good stuff and weeding around the plants, so I consider it mine as well.

Last year our tomato plant was the big winner, eventually standing taller than me.  This year, it's the cucumber plant that's the biggest, growing around the air conditioner and providing us with a LOT of food.

We've had raw cucumber slices with dip.  Made cucumber and onion salad.  Then made it three more times. I've thrown away cucumbers that we didn't get around to eating and given some to friends. Pretty much every time we go out there, this is a portion of what we find.
This weekend Jay got to work on something we've never tried before... Making pickles.  First, he chopped up all the cucumbers we had inside, then went back to the garden and found 3 more cucumbers he swears grew while he was inside.  I wouldn't be surprised!  Then, he mixed up some pickle making stuff.  I helped by staying out of his way... That's what I excel at when it comes to cooking.
A few hours later, we had 10 new jars of pickles - some canned for the long run and some that will last around three months in the fridge.  But by the way the girls devoured the first jar today, I'm thinking we won't have any left by Christmas.  
If I could only figure out how to plant black olives in our yard...

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