Monday, August 15, 2011

Where has the time gone??

In two days we will coast into unchartered territory.  Wearing her Justin Beiber backpack and her new uniform, my little girl will walk into kindergarten for the very first time.  The backpack was by far the easiest purchase to make - she walked right up to it and was sold.

She was excited to buy her school supplies and uniforms and came right home to show off her wares to her dad.  Her favorite part?  The headbands.

Today, she told me she was scared but excited to be in school with her new friend Chloe, so I fully expect her to freak out day one.  But knowing Chloe will be by her side?  I know she'll be fine 20 minutes after she gets to school.
You will find me, day one, sitting in my car and most likely crying like a baby.  Lucky me, Chloe's mom Cathy is MY new friend and deskmate and will be by my side as well, so we can console each other.  But, it's a good thing we both took the day off.

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