Monday, August 8, 2011


Over the past five years I've done a lot of nodding, smiling, and "wow!"ing when it comes to the artwork the girls have done.  They bring home dozens of papers each week and I ooh and ahh over each, then pitch whatever I can when the girls turn their backs.  I do try to keep the really good ones but I spend a lot of time making excuses when the girls catch me tossing out their "masterpieces." 

Until a few weeks ago.  I was seriously floored at some of the art projects Addison brought home.  The detail, colors, and ability to actually know what she's drawing is pretty cool.  Not that I don't love the scribbles and lines Sam brings home - but it's really neat to see the progression of their skills.

Addi's fish tank complete with a goldfish, a pink beta and a pink shark
A princess in the rain

The last thing Addi proudly showed me was a hand she drew on our light magnadoodle.  She was very proud of it and showed it to us all.

A closer look showed me a hand with the middle finger raised.  So I nodded, smiled, and erased it when she wasn't looking.  I guess they can't all be masterpieces.

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