Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ode to Sam

Reading old blogs is one of the best things about keeping this history of our lives.  It's hysterical to read some of the crazy things the girls have done over the last five years, and catching up on old times gives me the boost to keep this up.  Yes, I love writing and Yes I love sharing our lives, but it's a fantastic way to remember the mundane car rides and conversations the girls and us have had.

That said, there are many, many more blogs focused on Addison than Samantha.  Yes, Addi is two years older, but there are still way more stories about Addi's antics.  Thinking about it, it makes sense.  Of the two, Addi is definitely the one that provides the better material.  Stories about Sam listening and doing what she's told really don't make for the blog fodder that Addi painting the couch with Vaseline does. 

So, in order to balance the world just a tad, here's a blog all about Sam - and all the things that may not make the blog reel on a regular basis.  Most aren't that exciting, but they are what makes Sam - Sam.
  • She's a total lover, always kissing, hugging, and loving up on us. 
  • She loves babies and plays so well with her cousin Gwenna, and she'd make a great big sister if we gave her the chance. 
  • She's so funny in her own way, dancing and laughing and telling stories about school and her friends and her dog.
  • She speaks very clearly, even sometimes saying words better than Addi does at five years old.
  • She loves to read and will choose being read to over TV, almost every time.
  • She's easy going.  I don't know if I'd realize just how laid back she is if Addi wasn't so strong-willed, but it's fantastic to know how enjoyable easy going can be by comparison.  But, it's nice to not argue 90% of every conversation with her.
  • She's a great accessory.  Even on my ugliest day, if I hold her I feel beautiful.
  • She loves Spongebob because her sister does, but would totally prefer Mickey Mouse.  And 99% of the time, she agrees to Spongebob with little protest, to make her sister happy.
  • I do believe that she adores her sister more than anything in the world - and if there's any doubt, look at pretty much every single picture I take of the two of them.  She's always looking and smiling at Addi with an adoration that takes your breath away.
  • She's determined when she needs to be and stands up for herself if she really wants something.
  • She plays school and is very nice to her "students." 
  • She is by far the best. cuddler. ever.  She is always asking to be held, or carried, or wants to sit on my lap.
  • She barely has to ask and I'll pretty much whatever she wants, because I'm totally mesmerized by her.
  • She is so easy to drop off at school, walking me to the door, giving me a hug and waving goodbye through the door... She has no idea that when I walk away, I smile and almost cry every single time because I can't imagine life without her.
This blog isn't funny, or embarrassing, or memorable because of the large amount of money it will take to clean up the mess she just made.  But, I know in a few years I'll be just as excited to remember these little memories of Sam as I will the bigger moments.

Because Sam is amazing, wonderful, beautiful, and perfect, just the way she is.

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