Sunday, August 28, 2011

Just ducky

Wow... what a weekend!  This weekend was filled with friends and family - working out with Beth, celebrating Jill's birthday, having a cookout at the Dettmans, Addi's first sleepover - and today, the Duck Race.

This was Addi and my second time going to the Duck Race - a fundraiser for the Center for the Prevention of Abuse here in town.  Our good friend Beth convinced us it was a great cause, so this year the whole family came out (along with the Dettmans and the Burges.)
Here's a quick recap:

Ducks.  Everywhere.
 Lots of games and prizes for the kids.  Everyone wins!
Addi showed Quacky how to do the squirrel - more on that later.
 And finally, the excitement of the day picked up for the grownups... The chance to win $5,000 when the ducks were released. 
Pretty sure our ducks were in the way way back.  NOT winning.
Even though we didn't win, we still had a blast and raised $ for a great cause.  And spent some quality time in the sun with our friends and family.
If only every weekend could be this great! 

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