Sunday, August 14, 2011

Every day Is Father's Day Around Here

Just a few months back we celebrated Father's Day the old fashioned way.  With smiles, hugs, laughs, tears, slamming doors and asks to move out.  Samantha brought daddy home a cute card and smiled the night away.

Addison... Well, all I can say is that girl will be a LOVELY teenager.  She too made her daddy a lovely card - wait onther minute for that - and gave him lots of hugs.  Then, she got mad when he told her no, then started screaming at him that she wanted to move out and live in a hotel, and went to bed mad.  And the rest of us went to bed confused and tired.

I'm pretty sure Jay is glad Father's Day is only once a year.

**Oh, and about Addi's card...  Her teachers interviewed her about her "great dad" and some of her answers were pretty cute.  Enjoy... We sure did.

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