Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vacation Wrap Up

Due to the large quantities of alcohol consumed on vacation, my pictures are pretty scarce.  BUT, I was able to knock a few more things off my "33 things list" so there will most definitely be additional posts soon to come.  After I get the pictures from Mindy's camera.

Overall, vacation was pretty great.  We had a slight freak out the Thursday prior to leaving when we found out our previously booked resort had CLOSED.  EEK!  Luckily, we were re booked at another resort and were more than pleased to find that it was an upgrade from ours.  And other than a few issues (like our room temperature mimicking a walk in freezer and Mindy's pillow smelling like old man), the trip was great.

That said, here are just a couple of highlights:

Mitch and Jay, enjoying the first of several hundred "Miami Vices"... Very yummy. 
The beach at our resort... Getting a picture without men trying to sell us drugs and wooden carvings proved quite difficult.  Still, a beautiful beach.
And, the pool and swim up bar we spent the majority of our time...  The other pool was much quieter but lacked the atmosphere of drunk people this one did.  Oh, and this is where I did my "Reggae-size" - water aerobics while holding a drink. 
And, our favorite restaurant at the resort, complete with Jay taking over the reins at the grill.  Very impressive indeed.

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