Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thief... or Artist?

Addi has a tendency to "borrow" my stuff.  I do believe it started off innocently, like the time she took money off the counter and secured it in her purse.  We talked it over, she apologized, and we moved on.  But there are other times she borrows my stuff and knows she wasn't supposed to, and she gets in trouble.  Like the day before we left for Jamaica I found her packing and luckily inspected her suitcase.  Shoes, dresses, her favorite blanket, a diamond necklace.... She definitely got in trouble that time.

The other day I dropped her off to school and thought her bag felt a little heavy, so I looked inside and found my camera.  I confiscated it and headed to work, then looked at the pictures she must have taken that morning before school.  Several of them looked like this, and I laughed at her camera skills.

I got through the random dog, stairs, and ground pictures, and saw that she and Sam must have had their own personal photo shoot.  And realized, the girl has a few camera skills.  The pictures are in focus, they have that artsy angle, and they capture a few moments with her sister I wouldn't have seen.

I still need to work on her taking my things without permission.  But, this is one "borrow" I'm glad to have memories of.

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