Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I miss you, Jamaica!

We had been home from Jamaica for about a day when I walked into Addison's room and did a double take.  She moves her butterfly stickers around all the time (into families, celebrations, etc.) but the newest "design" was a little strange. 

I asked Addi what the butterflies were doing.  She said, "You know, like, dun dun dun-dun, dun, DA!"

I looked at Jay and he said, "She means a conga line.  I asked her the same thing."

Instantly, it made me miss Jamaica.  Because it's the only place I'd actually participate in a conga line - because I'd most likely have a drink in my hand and not know a person there.  I miss you, Caribbean!

Just as I was getting misty-eyed about my kid-free vacation, Sam noticed that I was paying more attention to Addi and requested an impromptu photo shoot, right there on Addi's bed.
Addi took note, and joined her on the bed.
Next, they were joined with a Care Bear and sheep.
And finally, two pillows were added to the mix.
I love how they can make anything into something fun.  Maybe I can wait a bit longer to go on vacation again without these two.

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