Wednesday, July 20, 2011

All's fair in love and... fried food?

Growing up in Indianapolis had a lot of perks.  You have Deer Creek (aka Verizon Wireless) for awesome concerts.  There's an awesome downtown to visit, shop and eat in.  If you don't like one mall, there's another, right down the road!  And, it's the site of what every kid seems to love... The state fair.  The smells, the food, the rides... It was always a lot of fun and we looked forward to it every year growing up.

The downside of always going to the state fair?  No other fair really adds up.  Especially the tiny little fair here in Peoria.  It tries, but it's no Indy.

It did, however, have a display of... Penguins?  Hmm. 
The kids didn't know any different.  They had a blast, having corn dogs for dinner, riding rides, getting Sam's first balloon from the local balloon artist, and seeing the typical fair animals... Horses and white tigers.  Seriously strange.
We decided it was time to head home when we saw strippers from Big Al's handing out business cards to the carnies.  The carnies seemed pretty excited, so it was a win-win for all.

Regardless, these two had a blast.  Who needs the state fair when you can spin in a circle with your sister?

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