Friday, July 22, 2011

All "Shapes" and Sizes

A few days ago I started getting ready for work and realized I was missing quite a bit of makeup. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out who the main suspect would be and a few minutes later, Addison begrudgedly pulled her purse out from behind the guest room dresser and handed me back my stuff.

Her guilty face proved to me that she knew she shouldn’t have taken it so we sat down for a long talk about borrowing vs. stealing. Borrowing is when ask permission, stealing is when you just take. She didn’t appear to see the seriousness of the situation so I had to put it into terms she really understood.

Now, Addi has one item that is most dear to her, no matter the day, month or year. It’s her “Shape blanket” – a fuzzy baby blanket with squares on it.

Addi and "Shapey"

This item is so precious to her that we once had this conversation:

Addi: “Mommy, today at school we learned that if there is a fire you have to leave the house right away!”
Me: “That’s right. Now, do we EVER go back into the house while it’s on fire?”
Addi: “Well, unless my Shape blanky is in there. You have to go back in and get that Mommy.”


Addi: “Oh, you can go back in to get Sam too if you want.”

Since her shape blanket ranks higher than her sister, I know using it as an example would totally get to her. So, I explained that stealing would be like me taking Shapey and hiding it without her permission. She got a terrified look on her face and I knew she was gotten. I then told her that if she EVER took something of Mommy and Daddy’s again without permission, I would take Shapey away from her.

I really want to wipe my hands and say, “Fixed THAT problem!” with a smug look on my face. But, I have a feeling that someday soon I will break that girl’s heart when I follow through with my promise.

Oh well. I have to give her SOMETHING to talk about in therapy.

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