Tuesday, June 21, 2011

19. Have a date with just Sam and I

Yesterday was a really up and down day for Addi. She cried herself to sleep on Fathers Day (another post entirely) then got woken up during nap time at school to go get a cavity filled.  To make up for that Jay took her to see Mr. Poppers penguins on a daddy/Addi date.  Lucky girl.

To top that off, she was invited to her friend Jill's house to play. As she walked out the door Sam realized she was being left behind and started to cry.  Poor kid... I instantly had a vision of Lee doing the same thing when we were kids and felt sad for her.

Because ice cream cures all, Sam and I set off on an impromptu date. And it was a good one too. We talked politics, favorite colors, and as we walked out the door to head home she presented me (quite formerly I must add) with her most prized possession of the hour... A booger.

I love you Sam!

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