Monday, April 4, 2011

A whale of a time

We all know the girls love to eat.  But sometimes I really think they enjoy playing with their food even more than putting it in their bellies.  On any given day I find napkins laid out on the table with a snack for their "kids", usually just moments before the snacks end up on the floor.

Ah, the dream of new carpet...

Anyway, a few weeks ago Sam adopted a new pet.  Meet Whaley the Whale.  He's quiet, clean and takes up very little space.  Perfect.  I couldn't have been happier.

 Well, until I saw the home Sam made for Whaley.
A trash can full of the new package of goldfish crackers.  The new package Sam threw a giant fit in Krogers to get and would most likely throw another fit the next time she wanted some to eat.  I do NOT enjoy wasted food.

Hmm.... I guess I SHOULD just be grateful they didn't end up on the carpet.

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